Areas of Expertise

International relations: IPE, international organizations, trade, global governance, domestic politics of IR.

Comparative politics: authoritarianism, democratization, political economy,  development, political institutions.


A Shadow of Its Former Self,” with Jon Pevehouse. 2021. Chapter 4 in Barnett, Pevehouse, and Raustiala, eds., Global Governance in a World of Changes, Cambridge University Press

Personalism and the Politics of Central Bank Independence under Authoritarianism.” Forthcoming, Review of International Political Economy

Working Papers

“Joining the Global Trade Regime: The Determinants of Autocratic Trade Agreements” Under Review.

“Undermining Human Rights? Autocratic Participation in International Institutions as Intervention-Proofing,” Working Paper. Last Presented at APSA 2021

Resilience or Breakdown? Autocratic Politics During Currency Crises


Yellowstone River, 2022