Areas of Expertise

International relations: IPE, international organizations, trade, global governance, domestic politics of IR.

Comparative politics: authoritarianism, democratization, political economy,  development, political institutions.


A Shadow of Its Former Self,” with Jon Pevehouse. 2021. Chapter 4 in Barnett, Pevehouse, and Raustiala, eds., Global Governance in a World of Changes, Cambridge University Press

Personalism and the Politics of Central Bank Independence under Authoritarianism.” 2022, Review of International Political Economy, Published Online 14 November 2022

Working Papers

“Joining the Global Trade Regime: The Determinants of Autocratic Trade Agreements” Under Review.

“Undermining Human Rights? Autocratic Participation in International Institutions as Intervention-Proofing,” Working Paper. Last Presented at APSA 2021

“Resilience or Breakdown? Autocratic Politics During Currency Crises,” Working Paper. Last Presentation: ISA 2023


Yellowstone River, 2022